Free Master Class for Women & Minority Founders

How to measure your new business idea against the competition

Receive expert guidance to assess the feasibility of your new business venture, and build a strong foundation that helps you jump start your business journey!

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with expert insights from minority business expert
Dr. John Butler and Hidden Star Founder, Mike Dewey

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"Thanks to Hidden Star, I've not only found the resources I needed to launch my startup but also a community of incredible women & minority entrepreneurs who inspire & uplift each other every day."

– Lorine M., OWNER & CEO

In this FREE Master Class you will…

Evaluate your competition to measure the feasibility of your business idea

Gain a more thorough understanding of your unique value proposition

Explore potential growth strategies that align with your business goals

…so you’ll be empowered to make informed decisions about whether to proceed with your idea, pivot, or explore new avenues that will create a successful and impactful venture!
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In the next 15 minutes we’ll help you…

  • Improve your confidence in your business idea
  • Refine your idea into a proven concept
  • Become more adaptable to execute strategic business decisions
  • Better meet and understand customer needs
  • Learn how to improve your existing pricing strategies
  • Advance your understanding of barriers to entry and other challenges
  • Navigate industry dynamics including profit margins, growth trends, and competitive landscapes

Meet your Master Class hosts: 

Dr. John S. Butler
Expert Instructor

Dr. John Butler is a 3x successful minority entrepreneur, a world-renowned minority business expert, and Former Chairman of Constructive Capitalism at the University of Texas McCombs School of Business.

Mike Dewey
Expert Instructor

Mike Dewey, the visionary founder of Hidden Star 501(c)(3) nonprofit, a 4x successful entrepreneur, author of the book “What to do... Guide for new Entrepreneurs”, and Former President of a highly successful private equity firm.

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“Their resources, mentorship, and community have been instrumental in helping me build and grow my business. I'm proud to be a part of the Hidden Star family!"


"Hidden Star is a game-changer for women and minority entrepreneurs. Their tireless dedication to helping us succeed is a testament to their belief in our potential."


"Wow! The amount of quality content in this class blew my expectation out of the water! I highly recommend for any new small business owners, this class will help you tremendously!"


"Your support of small businesses allows start-ups like mine to be successful in a very competitive market. Allowing us to grow, sustain, and ultimately being able to help others who are in the same position."


"There is not a lot of support for Native American entrepreneurs here on the rez. Hidden Star and the information in this class is what we have been needing. This is a game changer!"


"I cannot stress enough the importance of teaming up with something like Hidden Star when first starting a business! Their mentorship and resources put me in a position to be successful and proud of the business I created!"


Significantly increase your chances for financial security and success with our FREE Master Class, where you’ll refine your business idea, improve your understanding of your customers, and know where you stand in today’s market.
For Women & Minority Founders

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