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A Revolution in Women & Minority Entrepreneurship


Hidden Star is a unique organization dedicated to providing start-up help and business assistance to both women and minority entrepreneurs all across the U.S.

Since 2016 Hidden Star has helped minority entrepreneurs start hundreds of businesses and create thousands of jobs.

By helping more and more of these under-resourced and ambitious business owners succeed, we will have a profound impact on families, communities, and the U.S. economy. The results are tremendous and heart warming.

The money from this class goes to support minority and women owned businesses and to provide more grants.

Galaxy of Stars

Over 400,000 Members and $1,000,000 Given Away!

Galaxy of Stars is a free service provided by Hidden Star. It is a large and growing, welcoming community of minority and women entrepreneurs and business owners. It is a safe place to get help, give help, meet friends, and support each other in your struggle to succeed in business. We now have hundreds of thousands of members just like you.

Galaxy of Stars has Grants, free website building and hosting, resources, a free Directory to list your business and get more sales, and other features our Stars have told us they need‚ÄĒand it is all provided to you free of charge.

Our Process

 Hidden Star's 3-Part Mission 


Dramatically increase the chances of success for both new and experienced women and minority small business owners

Counsel and mentor the entrepreneur to ensure success throughout the life of the business - Providing a lending hand when needed

Become self-sustaining and provide help to more aspiring entrepreneurs with our unique Pay-It-Forward approach

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