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Designed to Cover EVERY Aspect of Starting & Building a Small Business


Here's what you will be learning:

Section 1: An Introduction to Women & Minority Entrepreneurship

Chapter 1: History of Minority-Owned Businesses

Chapter 2: How Starting a Company is Different & Harder for Women & Minority Entrepreneurs

Chapter 3: Rules of the Game

Chapter 4: Taking the Plunge

Section 2: Planning & Preparation for Your Business

Chapter 1: Pre-Start Checklist

Chapter 2: Mistakes to Avoid

Chapter 3: Feasibility: Can This Be a Business

Section 3: Business Plans & Funding Your Business

Chapter 1: Writing & Presenting a Business Plan

Chapter 2: Sources of Financing for for Your Business

Chapter 3: Sources of Financing Especially for Women & Minority Entrepreneurs

Chapter 4: Setting Up: Legal

Section 4: Fundamentals of Managing & Marketing

Chapter 1: Running Your Business: Things You "Gotta Do"

Chapter 2: Sources of Contracts & Revenue Especially for Women & Minority Entrepreneurs

Chapter 3: Fundamentals of Management

Chapter 4: Getting Customers & Social Media Marketing

Section 5: How to Become Smart with Your Money

Chapter 1: Accounting  Finance: The Language of Business

Chapter 2: Taxes & Filings

Section 6: Artificial Intelligence & Helpful Resources

Chapter 1: Artificial Intelligence (AI) & You

Chapter 2: Resources for New Entrepreneurs

Chapter 3: Ok...Now What?

Chapter 4: You Can Do It!

Section 7 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

We answer some of the most asked questions among new and experienced women & minority entrepreneurs

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