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"You can't just find this information online or from other classes I've seen, it's more than just a class and it's knowledge from experience. You get what you pay for."

- Sean Porter, Entrepreneur

Teaches practical habits from decades of learned experiences
Ongoing support & mentorship from the instructors
Ready to use templates
Allows you to network and interact with other people taking the course in real time
1-Year membership to Galaxy+ included
Access to updated lists of current and upcoming funding opportunities (grants)
Segments from industry leading guest experts
100% Money back guarantee
Teaches the basic, universally known talking points (Business 101)
No communication with instructors
No material
No interaction with other people
Rarely includes free memberships
One and done - Offers nothing after completing the course
Typically taught by 1 or 2 instructors
Keep your money whether you liked the course or not
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HS⭐️ - Teaches practical habits from decades of learned experiences

Others - Teaches the basic, universally known talking points - Business 101  

⎯ ✓ 

HS⭐️ - Ongoing support & mentorship from the instructors

Others - No communication with instructors

⎯ ✓ 

 HS⭐️ - Ready to use templates

Others - No material

⎯ ✓ ⎯

HS⭐️ - Allows you to network and interact with other people taking the course in real time

Others - No interaction with other people

⎯ ✓ 

HS⭐️ - 1 Year membership to GalaxyPLUS+ included

Others - Rarely includes free memberships

⎯ ✓ 

HS⭐️ - Access to updated lists of current and upcoming funding opportunities (grants)

Others - One and done - Offers nothing after completing the course

⎯ ✓ 

HS⭐️ - Segments from industry leading guest experts

Others - Typically taught by 1 or 2 instructors

⎯ ✓ 

HS⭐️ - 100% Money Back Guarantee

Others - Keep your money whether you liked the course or not
See Full Course Syllabus

What You Get for $99

Marketing for Growth & Success

‘The Digital 15’ - How to Market Your Brand

The ‘Essentials’ of Marketing - Brand Recognition

Using Social Media to Your Advantage

Updated List of Funding Sources

Find Reliable Funding Sources for Your Business

Sources We Recommend

Specific Sources for Women & Minority Owners

Ready to Use Templates

Create Your Own Business Plan

30-Item Pre-Start Checklist

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, & Annual Finance Tracker

Guest Experts in Critical Areas

Marketing & Advertising

Setting Up Your Legal Structure

Artificial Intelligence & Your Business

Ongoing Support & Mentorship

Access to Our Exclusive Members Only Forum

One-on-One Consulting & Mentorship

Exclusive Networking Group of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

Learn the ‘Rules of the Game’

It’s Impossible to Win if You Don’t Know the Rules

Learn the Rules of Business and How to Abide by Them to Win

Things You “Gotta Do”

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What's In It For Me?

All the knowledge and tools you need to succeed with your own business, taught by recognized experts.
Membership to our online community of more than 370,000 women and minority entrepreneurs and going-to-be business owners.
Access to shoppers, businesses, and potential customers willing to support YOUR business.
Automatic entry to win for every new Hidden Star grant! We offer 4-5 every single year.
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Problems Solved

Marketing & Developing a Recognizable Brand

Optimizing Your Web Presence

Lack of Funds & Lack of Time

Hiring Effective & Reliable Employees

Balancing Work & Life as a Business Owner

Eliminating Uncertainty & Confusion 

Unlike other small business education courses, this class is much more than just a “how to” guide.

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for you to invest in yourself and give you a much better chance to succeed with a new business. 

Ultimately leading to financially security, more income & a brighter future.

Take the First Step - Risk Free

This Class is Different from Other Small Business Courses

Here’s Why:

Designed for YOU

No Matter Where You Are in the Process

Not Yet Considered Starting Your Own Business

Learn the history of minority-owned business, how people started from the ground up, and the reasons/solutions for how starting a business is harder for women & minority entrepreneurs.

Thinking About Starting a Business

Gain the confidence to put your idea into action. Learn how to plan & prepare prior to starting, the ‘Rules of the Game’, mistakes to avoid, and determine the feasibility of your idea (Can this be a lucrative business)?

Just Started / In Early Stages 

Develop skills & a strong understanding of how to write a successful business plan, fund your business with the RIGHT kind of money, setting up your legal structure, and optimizing your marketing/online presence.

Experienced Business Owner

Now that you’re established and making money, learn how to become smart with your money, setting up your financial structure, and explore how you can use A.I. (artificial intelligence) to help boost your business.

Starting a Business Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!

Watch this Preview Video and gain insight into the resources & tools you will be provided throughout the course as we cover EVERY aspect, obstacle, & opportunity in small business ownership.

Once you complete the entire course, you will be awarded a Certificate on behalf of Hidden Star that can be displayed on your LinkedIn, resume, and other platforms showing your knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship. 

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It’s time to invest in YOU.

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Isaac Williams

"I started a company that is going to make $30 million this year and I could not have done it without the help of Hidden Star. I hope it changes your life like it did mine!"


Lisa Boerger

"It has given me the confidence to go and start my next month, I'm going to jump off that cliff, and start it!"


Sean Porter

"A lot of the information in the class you can't just find on the streets and it would take forever to compile it together...I got a lot out of the class, I really enjoyed it!"

4.8 of 5 Stars

112 Reviews
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The Hidden Star Master Class is your launchpad to success, and we'll be with you every step of the way!

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Your Questions Answered

QUESTION: Thank you for your email and following up. The program sounds interesting and very promising. Before moving forward in registering, could you please answer a question. What sets this program apart from taking free workshops that Small Business Development Centers, SCORE, city Incubators offer? I would just like to make sure I am not replicating anything trainings or workshops I have attended. Thanks again for your time.

ANSWER: Generally things are free for a reason, and "free" can cost you a lot later. Our class is taught by recognized experts with decades of experience. SCORE, however great they are, do not have courses or instructors on this level.

Our class comes with a "No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee". If, for any reason, you don't feel like this was worth it, we will refund all of your money immediately. So, you do not have to decide right now; take the class, then decide. That is how confident we are in our great educational experience.

You also receive a 1 year membership to Galaxy Plus with tons of great tools and resources to help grow your business.

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